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Prenzel - Ma Prenzel's Raspberry Vinegar

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Prenzel - Ma Prenzel's Raspberry Vinegar.

This vinegar is created using an artisan made Cabernet Sauvignon wine vinegar that has been created over a long period of time and infused with Raspberries. It is delicious sprinkled over salads, venison, pork and seafood, not to mention those vinaigrettes that you like to make yourself. Raspberry vinegar has been matured using a centuries-old technique developed by French masters in Orleans. The Orleans method is time consuming but stunning in the deeply layered flavours that result.

Sweet raspberries paired with the sharpness and depth of our Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar creates a culinary sensation.

Ma Prenzel's Raspberry Vinegar will add sophistication to any dish.

Tips and Ideas:

From a simple salad dressing to marinades and sauces

Or simply drizzle over your salad

Contains Gluten & traces of sulphites.