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Wooden Exercise Block


Wooden Exercise Block.

Feel like you could do with stretching your legs every once in a while? Go on then and take jog or run or walk around the block…we mean our Wooden Exercise Block.

Every new year you vow to join a gym or train for a marathon… but instead it seems much more alluring to sit on your faithful sofa and catch up on your favourite television programmes.

Well, whoever said you could do just as much exercise indoors as you can outside, was right! And we have this Wooden Exercise Block to prove it! All you need to do is put the Wooden Exercise Block on the floor, walk round it a few times and feel extra content when you tell everyone you ‘walked around the block’ last night! You’ll feel pounds lighter simply knowing that you’ve done something to keep your fitness up…

A humorous gift for fitness enthusiasts and gym-phobics alike.

With clear instructions on what to do written in a bold black font, it reads ‘Exercise Block… 1. Place block on floor… 2. Walk around it twice… 3. Sit down & relax! Congratulations! You have just walked around the block twice.’ And a large thumbs up icon across the bottom is there to cheer on the fitness fanatic!

Great gag gift.

Dimensions: H14.7 x W24.9 x D6.2cm