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Stuck in Poo Book


Stuck in Poo Book.

New Zealand Author

Suitable for all children that like discussing poo!!! (so almost all of them!)

This adorable book is a lovely take on some classic kiwi icons.

Ted has just got himself some shiny new Red Band gumboots. When he takes them off for bed, cheeky Luke the Pook (Pukeko) takes a liking to them, and borrows them to wear around the farm! Read the book to find out what he gets up to!

Written by Samantha Laugesen and illustrated by Kat Merewether. 

The first book in the Adventures of Luke the Pook is “Stuck in Poo, what to do”? 

A fun kiwi tale about a cheeky pukeko, stolen Red Band gumboots, and cow poo.