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Trevor the Smelliest Dog Ever Book


Trevor the Smelliest Dog Ever Book.

Trevor The Smelliest Dog Ever is a gorgeous New Zealand children’s book about a loveable pooch who HATES being clean. 

Join Trevor over a whiffy week as he hunts for the perfect pong.

Measures 21cm x 27cm

Pages of full colour

Paperback Perfect Bound

Written by Samantha Laugesen and illustrated by Scott Tulloch.

Each copy personally autographed by Author.

Why do dogs like stinky smells?

Sometimes the stinkier a smell, the more exciting it is for a dog.

Natural instincts are behaviors that have been passed on to dogs from the wolf.

For dogs, rolling on stinky things transfers the smell to him, and leaves his scent on what he rolled on.

So he’s hiding his scent and leaving it as another way of marking territory.

It may seem nasty to us, but it’s perfectly natural to dogs.