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Adult Possum Beanie

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Adult Possum Beanie 

Thicker and softer than before! Made from a soft, warm blend of 40% Possum, 50% fine lambs wool and 10% silk.

 Luxuriously thick and warm. The hat is plain knit, double thickness with a turn up rim. One size fits most.

 Once you’ve tried it nothing else will feel as warm and soft. Possum Wool is a wonderful blend of possum fur, New Zealand lambswool and silk - luxuriously soft, incredibly lightweight, exceptionally warm and easy to wear. It won’t pill, it won’t wrinkle, it’s anti-static and is an innovative and practical market solution to an environmental challenge facing New Zealand.

 Due to its hollow nature, the possum fur fibre is incredibly insulating and provides exceptional thermal warmth without weight. Research has shown that it is 55% warmer than Merino and 35% warmer than cashmere.

 Made in New Zealand.