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Bee House


Wooden Bee House.

This charming bee house will make a great addition to any garden.

Bee hotels are a great way to introduce children to the tiny, buzzing beasts and and allow these important pollinators to thrive.

Many insect hotels are used as nest sites by insects including solitary bees and solitary wasps. These insects drag prey to the nest where an egg is deposited.

Since our gardens are home to a vast range of living creatures, in some cases over 2,000 different species it is important to try and conserve this wildlife.

Giving these Insects a home can help your garden to prosper and help the conservation of vital wildlife.

Gardens can flourish as these insects’ hotels will house pollinating bees, attract ladybirds and lacewings, both of which are natural aphid & greenfly (garden pests) predators.

Positioning - Most solitary bees and insects like to be warm, therefore a south facing wall is a consideration to aid there inhabitancy prefereably 1.5 meters off the ground.

Size 17 H x 15 W x 10cm D.