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Bone Heru Triple Twist 4 Prong


Bone Heru Double Twist 4 Prong. 

Maori Bone Heru Combs are commonly worn during kapa haka performances, as well as to dress up a pinned up hairdo.

Made from cow bone.

Historically, Heru combs were traditionally worn by Maori to fasten their long hair into a top knot.

Heru indicated the rank of the wearer and were often carved from a single piece of wood, whale bone or were made of many individual wooden prongs intricately bound together.

Double or Triple Twist.

The Double and Triple Twist depict two new shoots growing together, and represents the joining of two people in love or friendship for eternity.

This makes it a wonderful wedding or friendship gift.

The Twist can also relate to the joining of two peoples or cultures in peace.

Paua used in Jewellery.

New Zealand Paua (Abalone) when used in jewellery is said to bring prosperity, good luck and peace to the wearer.

Size 17cm.