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Huia Feather Bone Heru with Paua - 160mm


Huia Feather Bone Heru.

To the Maori the Huia bird is tapu (a sacred treasure)

Like jewels plucked from a royal crown, huia feathers were given as tokens of friendship and respect. In a culture without money, tribes occupying the huia country of the North Island sent the feathers as gifts or traded them with other tribes for greenstone, sharks’ teeth, and other valuables.

This unique Huia Tail Feather Heru (ornamental comb) is handmade from bone. It has three teeth with inlaid paua shell.

Topknot tradition.

Māori men traditionally kept long hair that was oiled and sometimes braided and dressed upon their heads in elaborate topknots. These were augmented with heru and bird feathers, particularly feathers from the now extinct hūia (native New Zealand bird)

Size 160mm.

Prong 60mm.