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Korowai Cape - Red


Stunning Red Korowai Cape.

These modern Korowai capes are an exciting way to be able to wear a Korowai. They are extremely popular for weddings and evening wear.

This Korowai is handmade in Auckland by machine stitching feathers onto a lined fabric base. The feather wrap around the front edge to complete the look. A traditional handwoven one takes many weeks to complete and costs significantly more. A modern Korowai offers better durability and more colours. Inspiration for the colour and designs from our local fauna and flora. We use beautiful farmed chicken and rooster feathers, some of which have been dyed to create the amazing colour range available in the Korowai selection. The Korowai have drawstring ties so you can alter the width to fit the wearer. 

The taniko trim has also been woven from wool in NZ. This design is the Universal Patiki or flounder design. The diamond shape represents the flounder fish. A good luck charm for the provision of food for the Iwi. In this more modern age, it represents employment and providing for the family. 

Hand Made in New Zealand.

Size 220 H x 1050mm W excluding the cords.