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Motion Lamp - Bluetooth Speaker - Silver/White/Pink

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Motion Lamp - Bluetooth Speaker.





Column-shaped motion lamp that also plays music!


Features bright white lava floating in blue liquid, with glossy silver casing.


Powerful speaker connects to most Bluetooth enabled devices.


AUX cord included for alternative music device connection.


A stylish and quality motion (Lava) lamp featuring wonderful colour combinations with beautiful illumination.



The Lava lamp was invented by British accountant Edward Craven-Walker in 1963 after watching a homemade egg timer, which was made from a cocktail shaker filled with liquids, as it was bubbling on a stove top in a pub.

His U.S. Patent 3,387,396 for "Display Device" was filed in 1965 and issued in 1968.



Lamp requires time to warm up before wax will move.



Silver Base & Cap/White Wax/Pink Liquid.



Bulb type E14.


Size 95 L x 95 W x 420 H mm.


Colour box.


Direct to wall power.