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Motion Lamp - Diamond - Volcano

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Motion Lamp - Diamond - Volcano.

Colour Red & Yellow.

The 60’s and 70’s birthed a whole mess of crazy and fun things into the world: rock ‘n roll, disco, long hair, afro puffs, flower power, disco balls, and a whole lot more. But one mesmerising gem from this era continues to live on in style: the lava lamp.

Now you can decorate your space with these Volcano Lamps. Perfect for creating that funky vibe, this Motion Lamp heats up the wax inside and bobs and rolls it around for hours on end. This lamp is groovy to the max!

Nothing says “far out” better than colours floating and warping in a motion lamp like this one does. This special motion lamp’s wax has an iridescent and colourful appearance once heated up in the lamp. With this lamp on in your home, people will stop and enjoy the rolling wax on the inside as it curls and unfurls in colour swirls.


Edgy diamond-shaped motion lamp.

Featured fiery red to yellow gradient glass body filled with lava that ripples when lit.

Volcanic lava flow casing Bottle holds 20oz of fluid.

Light warms up wax causing it to float through the liquid.

Dimension (package): 100(L) x 110(W) x 410(H) mm

Colour box

Direct to wall power.

A great addition to any room, grab yours now!