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NZ Greenstone Hook Engraved Pendant - 48mm

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NZ Greenstone Hook Engraved Pendant. 

Fish Hook - Hei Matau.

This pendant is in the shape of a stylised Maori fish hook known as the hei-matau (pronounced hay-may-tow), matau meaning hook.

It is believed that the hei-matau and many other fish-like amulets, more common in the south, may have been worn as talismans during fishing expeditions.

Hei-matau styled jewelry is inspired by the traditional Maori art of New Zealand. Hei-matau, the Maori fishhook was carved traditionally in jade or bone in a variety of styles. Matau, meaning hook, was later work suspended by a cord from the neck as a pendant.

For the indigenous people of New Zealand, the Hei-matau represents strength, determination, peace, prosperity and good health and also provides safe journey over water.

Size 48mm.