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NZ Greenstone Pendant Tattoo Hook - 45mm


NZ Greenstone Pendant Tattoo Hook.

Fish Hook - Hei Matau

This pendant is in the shape of a stylised Maori fish hook known as the hei-matau (pronounced hay-may-tow), matau meaning hook.

It is believed that the hei-matau and many other fish-like amulets, more common in the south, may have been worn as talismans during fishing expeditions.

Hei-matau styled jewelry is inspired by the traditional Maori art of New Zealand. Hei-matau, the Maori fishhook was carved traditionally in jade or bone in a variety of styles. Matau, meaning hook, was later work suspended by a cord from the neck as a pendant. For the indigenous people of New Zealand, the Hei-matau represents strength, determination, peace, prosperity and good health and also provides safe journey over water.

This Tattoo Hook Pendant is made at the Factory in the Wairarapa using Pounamu from the West Coast of the South Island, New Zealand. 

Please note that each piece of Pounamu is unique, we select the lighter shades to enhance the Tattoo design.

Size 45mm.