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NZ Greenstone Whales Tail Pendant - 30mm


NZ Greenstone Whales Tail Pendant.

The Double and Triple Twist depict two new shoots growing together, and represents the joining of two people in love or friendship for eternity.

This makes it a wonderful wedding or friendship gift.

The Twist can also relate to the joining of two peoples or cultures in peace.

This Greenstone Whale Tail Koru Necklace is a beautiful piece of carving.

The greenstone pendant is carved in a whale tail shape. The whale was a significant spiritual icon for Maori. 

Whales were of huge importance to the Maori as a food and utensil source. The whale is a symbol of great size and intelligence, and carvings of whales appear on some Maori meeting houses or food storehouses. Whales and dolphins were believed to help some Maori navigate their way across the South Pacific during the Great Migration.  Thus Whales and Dolphins are symbols of protection, and today this includes protection for travellers on all modes of transport.

Within the Whale Tail carving are Maori Koru, representing the unfurling new fern shoot.  Spiritually, the Koru is a symbol of peace, tranquility, new beginnings, and positive change.

So together you have a protective symbol and one of peace.

Size 30mm.