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Sophie Blokker Greeting Card - Maui Sun


Sophie Blokker Greeting Card.

Maui Sun.

New Zealand Legends - Maui Capturing The Sun.

Legend has it there was not enough sunlight during the day because the sun moved to fast.

Maui took it upon himself to slow down the sun.

He made a big net of flax and set out to the suns resting place in the east.

As it rose he threw the net and trapped it, making the sun promise to slow down if Maui released him.

To this day, the Sun travels on his long lonely path across the sky at a very slow pace, giving us many more hours of sunlight than he used to do.

Spread a little joy in this world with these cards, that are adorned with Sophie's artwork which have been created with love.

Blank inside.

Art by Sophie Blokker who is an artist based in Havelock North in Hawkes Bay.

Size 14 x 11.5cm.