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Sophie Blokker Greeting Card - The Sleeping Giant


Sophie Blokker Greeting Card.

The Sleeping Giant.

Rongokako - The Legend of Te Mata, Havelock North, New Zealand. 

The legend tells that the giant, Te Mata, was a trouble maker, so the local chiefs arranged that he fall in love with a beautiful maiden.

Before she would marry him, she insisted that he accomplish several difficult tasks, the final task being that he eat through the mountain range behind Havelock North.

Being impatient, Te Mata took an enormous bite and promptly choked to death.

It is the outline of his fallen body which now forms the outline of Te Mata Peak. 

Spread a little joy in this world with these cards, that are adorned with Sophie's artwork which have been created with love.

Blank inside.

Art by Sophie Blokker who is an artist based in Havelock North in Hawkes Bay.

Size 14 x 11.5cm.