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Pukeko Playing Tea Towel - Green


Pukeko Playing Tea Towel in Green.

New Zealand themed Tea Towel.

A great souvenir or gift from New Zealand!

Size: 76 x 49cm.

Material: Cotton.

Pukeko, or Purple Swamp Hen, is found in New Zealand as well as Australia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Some believe Pukeko arrived in New Zealand from Australia about 1000 years ago, however all fossils are dated at less than 400 years. Therefore Pukekos are most likely a very recent migrant and must have either flown to New Zealand or been brought by Maori.

These tea towels are the perfect purchase - iconic image, stylish design, necessary and inexpensive. They make a great gift because they are unbreakable and cheap to post. If they are not being sent around the globe how about buying one to jazz up a bottle of wine for that important friend?