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Wooden Waka - 37cm


Wooden Waka.


Waka taua are large war canoes up to 40m in length and are manned by as many as 80 paddlers. These large waka, which are usually elaborately carved and decorated, consist of a main hull formed from a single hollowed-out log, along with a carved upright head and tailboard.

The significance of Waka (Canoes) has it's roots in times past, when voyaging Waka forged the links between the ancestral homeland of Hawaki and New Zealand.

Maui, a mythological ancestor, traveller by Waka into the southern ocean and fished up the North Island. In Maori tradition, Maui's Waka became the South Island.

A human ancestor, Kupe, is said to have later discovered New Zealand on a Waka voyage. His wife is credited with naming it Aotearoa (Long White Cloud) - the Maori name for New Zealand. 

Made from Pine Wood and is fumigated.

Packaged in a cardboard tube.

Size 37cm.