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Kiwi Fern Flag Badge 9pc Pack


Kiwi  Fern  Flag  Badge  9pc Pack.

This 9pc pack contains 3 of each of the following

If you want a New Zealand Flag to wear on your lapel or cap, this NZ Flag Pinback Badge is perfect.

The NZ Flag Badge is perfect for overseas business meetings, sports teams, schools travelling overseas, and cultural exchanges.

Dimensions of the badge are 20mm x 12mm 

The Silver Fern is one of our most iconic images.  It is our sporting symbol for New Zealand sports teams competing internationally, and arguably the most famous Silver Fern is the one on the shirt of the All Blacks Rugby team.

This Silver Fern badge measures approximately 2.3cm x 1cm

This textured NZ Kiwi Pinback Badge is a real standout, but also inexpensive.

Texturing makes the detail stand out, and the brassy finish gives it a handmade look.

Wear it on your lapel or cap or backpack to immediately identify you as a Kiwi.

The kiwi measures approximately 1.5cm x 2.1cm.