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White Magic Eco Cloth Glass & Window


White Magic Eco Cloth Glass & Window.

Care for mirrors, windows, shower screens and all shiny surfaces with the White Magic Window/Glass Cloth and with little effort plus a whole lot of savings, the rewards will be 5 Star.

Without any chemicals, the rougher side of the dual sided cloth will scrub away grime while the smoother side polishes for a streak free finish.

This white magic happens with just a little water saving you money on cleaning products while helping the environment.

Construction 80% polyester and 20% polyamide microfibres.

Dimensions32cm x 32cm.

Colour White.

Cleaning and Care Shake off dust into a bin after use.

Handwash in warm water or machine wash with a little detergent at 60C for thorough cleaning.

Do not wash with fabric softener or bleach.